About us



Who are we?


Joy Art is an exclusive art gallery located in the heart of Ra’anana, Israel.
The gallery specializes in limited editions of contemporary artistic sculptures and paintings, sold in art galleries locally and worldwide, e.g. in the Caribbean Isles, New York, Singapore and Venice, to museum shops such as that in Jerusalem’s Israel Museum; to public buildings such as the Ichilov Medical Center in Tel Aviv and the Israel Bar Association, as well as to private buyers.














Joy Art Gallery provides both veteran and emerging Israeli artists with a platform for showcasing their work. 
Joy Art selects an artist to design a model of his/her creation and the gallery takes on the task of producing it.





"Pomegranates", 2 layers of laser cut metal , hand painted, a wall sculpture
Designed by Marina Zlochin 





 "Butterflies", laser cut metal & hand painted, a wall sculpture
Designed by Marina Zlochin



By separating artistic creation from production Joy Art Gallery makes it possible for buyers to enjoy a wide variety of styles and designs.
In an atmosphere that is uniquely intimate and inviting, Joy Art offers contemporary art at prices that are both attractive and competitive.
The gallery prides itself on courteous and professional service, the staff is always happy to advise and help clients in designing a work of art that is uniquely theirs, tailor made to their own personal taste and budget.




"Birds", laser cut metal & hand painted, a wall sculpture
Designed by Marina Zlochin






"Childhood", a close up of a metal wall sculpture 
3 layers of laser cut metal ,hand painted,
Tel Aviv medical center
Designed by Marina Zlochin



Collecting in the Modern Era

As we progress into the 21st century, collecting art is no longer a luxury only for the wealthy. Advanced technologies and the creative thought of a multitude of artists make it possible for people to purchase artistic objects at affordable prices. At Joy-Art, a gallery where art is created and which specializes in the production of metal wall sculptures, you can discover the works of the best of our local artists translated into three-dimensional wall sculptures, made in intricately delicate layers and painted by an artist’s hand. The collection is spectacular and showcases a wide variety of wall sculptures. Once a year, in a celebration of innovation and diversity, the gallery introduces a new Israeli talent and his or her creations serve as a base for the production of wall sculptures that are sold in the shops and in commercial galleries worldwide.



"Black Net", laser cut metal, Mat Black painted
Designed by Alla Pikovski


A spectacular Collection of Small Wall Sculptures, Original Creations and Judaica Objects

Alongside the wall sculptures, Joy-Art Gallery also offers a spectacular collection of small wall sculptures and a wide variety of table sculptures in many choices of colorful prints, a rich and unique collection of Judaica objects, original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, and a range of ceramic items.
The advanced technology used by Joy-Art combines laser cutting, artistic painting and a variety of printing techniques, including silk screening. The special production process at Joy-Art makes it possible to enjoy both worlds when offering a designer work of art at an affordable price.



"Waves", 3D flower vase
2 layers of laser cut metal & print
Designed by Galia Armeland





Unique Solutions for Organizations

Apace with the solutions provided to private customers, the gallery also operates a department dedicated to supplying solutions for organizations, offering original gifts based on a brief provided by the client. In this way, we make it possible to create promotional products, personal gifts for employees, gifts for clients, gifts for visitors from abroad, dressing for office walls, and many other solutions – all according to demand.



"Pomegranates", Red Anodized Aluminum
Paper weight,
Designed by Galia Armeland




The Best Local Artists

The colorfulness that is characteristic of Joy-Art’s creations covers a broad scale and presents creations that vary from a serene combination of solid and restrained colors to those that are vibrant with bright, uplifting and inspirational colors. The gallery hosts leading local artists who are highly respected in their field. The first of these was David Gerstein and subsequently platforms were given to Yuval Mahler, Ronit Coulson, Marina Zlochin, Galia Armeland and others.
Joy-Art Gallery boasts among its clients: Ichilov Hospital, Israel Airports Authority, the Bar Association, the Israel Museum, the City of David, Israel Towers and more.




"The Boarding Scene", 4 layers of laser cut metal, hand painted,
6 meters width
International Israeli airport, "Ben Gurion"
Designed by Marina Zlochin




Israeli Art at Affordable Prices

Joy Art Gallery, owned and managed by Yifat Rod Feffer, is a unique art gallery that showcases Israeli art. The gallery has recently established an Internet interface that provides a unique surfing experience and lifts its visitors on the wings of imagination, exposing them to a wide and spectacular variety of creations, colors and styles, and makes internet shopping a pleasant and easy experience.
Joy-Art’s returns policy is very accommodating and if you return your purchase whole, undamaged and in its original wrapping, you will be able to receive a full refund. Thus you are able to purchase exquisite works of art at a reasonable price.






There is nothing more fulfilling than to have a personal work of art hanging in the center of your living room, passing on a message in your name that is creative, personal and chic. Many interior designers are now nurturing this trend and, alongside recommending color shades for walls and choosing flooring, they are also paying attention to and incorporating objects of art.


"The Birds Menorah"
Laser cut metal & print
Designed by Marina Zlochin