Wall Sculptures

With the mega quantities of original chic introduced to them, the colorful wall sculptures produced by Joy-Art will give any space that special designer touch and turn it into something that steals the show.

Butteflies wall sculpture

The sculptures, made of layers of metal and produced by a state-of-the-art technique that involves laser cutting, constitute a version that makes possible a modern interpretation of artistic creations created by artists who work with the gallery. At the end of the precise cutting process, the sculpture is passed on for professionally painting by the artists, who use car paints, which are considered to be resilient and of especially high quality. 

wall sculpture - example

The delicate layers, which are characteristic of Joy-Art’s wall sculptures, impart an interesting three-dimensional element that empowers the presence of the sculpture in the space to which it is destined. The wall sculptures are easy to hang on all types of wall from plaster to concrete.      


Pomegranates wall sculpture

The Fashion for Three-Dimensional Wall Sculptures

The trend for dressing a home is establishing for itself a place of honor by combining within itself collectible elements of artistic value that allow their owner to express his personal and unique taste.

The personal trend has been gathering momentum in recent years by focusing its attention on developing the individual. Today, many people are interested in introducing a line of personal design to the practical and the functional, which will constitute a unique identity card and provide a sounding board from which to express one’s personal taste.

Fish - wall sculpture

Collecting in the Modern Era

Modern 21st century collecting is no longer a matter only for the wealthy. Advanced technologies and the creative thought of various artists makes it possible for people to purchase artistic objects at affordable prices. In Joy-Art, a gallery where art is created and which specializes in the production of wall sculptures made of metal, you can find the works of the best of local artists translated into three-dimensional wall sculptures, made in interestingly delicate layers and painted by an artist’s hand. The collection is spectacular and consists of a wide variety of wall sculptures.

Once a year, as part of a desire to innovate and diversify, the gallery introduces a new Israeli artist and his or her creations serve as a basis for the production of wall sculptures that are sold in the shops and in galleries worldwide.


The Best Local Artists

The colorfulness that is characteristic of Joy-Art’s creations moves along a broad scale and presents creations that vary from a combination of solid and restrained colors to those that are blessed with bright, uplifting and inspirational colors. The gallery hosts leading local artists who are highly respected in their field. The first of these was David Gerstein and later, a platform was given to Yuval Mahler, Ronit Coulson, Marina Zlochin, Galia Armeland and others.

Love Birds - wall sculpture

Dressing the Home

A wall sculpture is like a designer suit, with an obvious artistic twist, to fit the various spaces in the home. The variety of styles is wide and allows plenty of choice. A naïve creation, combining childish elements will suit a children’s room, creations with a more restrained classical line would be more suitable as a mood-enhancing element in a space such as a living room, a dining room or a reception room and creations with an urban character would best suit a home office. You will find the creations in limited edition collections of 28 units each, as appropriate to artistic creations of a collectible character and you can easily hang them on any wall, from concrete to walls.

wall sculpture joyart

A spectacular Collection of Small Wall Sculptures, Original Creations and Judaica Objects

Along side the wall sculptures, Joy-Art Gallery also offers a spectacular collection of small wall sculptures or a wide variety of table sculptures in different types of colorful prints, a rich and unique collection of Judaica objects, original oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and a choice of ceramic items.


The advanced technology used by Joy-Art combines laser cutting, artistic painting and a variety of printing techniques, including the familiar silk screening. The special production process at Joy-Art makes it possible to enjoy both worlds when offering a designer work of artistic value at an affordable price.

Shopping tour wall sculpture

Unique Solutions for Organizations

Parallel to the solutions provided to private customers, the gallery also operates a department designated to supply solutions to organizations and offers original gifts based on an accurate brief provided by the client. In this way, it is possible to create promotional products, personal gifts for employees, gifts for clients, gifts for visitors from abroad, dressing office walls and many other solutions – all according to demand.


Joy-Art Gallery boasts among its clients: Ichilov Hospital, Israel Airports Authority, the Bar Association, the Israel Museum, the City of David, Israel Towers and others.

wall flower - sculpture detail

Israeli Art at Affordable Prices

Joy-Art Gallery, owned and managed by Yifat Rod Feffer, is a unique art gallery that provides a platform for Israeli art. The gallery has recently established an Internet interface that provides a unique surfing experience and take the surfer off on the wings of imagination, exposing him to a wide and spectacular variety of creations, colors and styles and makes internet shopping a pleasant and easy experience.

Joy-Art’s returns policy is very accommodating and if you return your purchase whole, undamaged and in its original wrapping, you will be able to receive a full refund. In this way, you are able to purchase exquisite works of art at a sane price.


There is nothing more exact than to have a personal work of art hanging in the center of your living room, to pass on a message in your name that is creative, personal and full of chic. Many interior designers are now nurturing the trend and, alongside recommending color shades for walls and choosing flooring, they are also paying attention to and combining objects of art.

By Ori Sela
Journalist and Consumer Affairs Writer