Galia Armeland

Galia Armeland ‘s work is varied, abundant and colorful. Galia makes use of a variety of technologies now available to creative artists. She has recently focused on creating uniquely beautiful metal cut-outs.
Galia is a graduate of the Ceramic Design department at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. During her studies she was accepted for a student exchange program in Holland, where she specialized in sculpture. She later completed a MA in Fine Arts at the renowned St. Martin’s College of Art and Design in London. Throughout her MA studies she worked as an illustrator and joined an animation company. Since graduating and returning to Israel, she has written and illustrated many books. Moreover, she has illustrated unique graphic projects such as a series of stamps on the subject:
“A Tribute to Humanity in the Family”.
 Galia’s cut-outs are produced from laser-cut plates that undergo an innovative metal rolling process which provides them the flexibility to create sculpted volumes and multi-layered geometric shapes. The metal is painted in layers according to the original illustration, producing a rich result with a sense of depth. Galia`s work is inspired from images and forms found in nature, especially the different flower varieties.
 Galia`s art work is vital and positive in character. Her work welcomes us to share and rejoice in life’s visual aesthetics.