Rinat Laor

Rinat Laor is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art, specializing in Screen Art and Animation.
Her many works include metal cuts, illustrations, sketches, drawings and animated films. In all of them, an extraordinarily high level of sensitivity and technical ability are obvious.
The metal cuts she creates for the Joy-Art Gallery showcase her love of bright colors and dynamics. These works burst with expressions of the vibrant media of graphics and cartoons, executed in a pop art style and filled with captivating colorful touches of conceptual richness and color.
Her metal sculptures are created through a complex process that begins with a two-dimensional drawing, followed by laser cutting, and finally hand painting or screen printing. Rinat’s wall or table sculptures resemble painted or topographical fans creating volume, and are occasionally double sided with multiple layers that build depth and give the effect of motion.
She does not depict the human or animal figures she creates in purely realistic form. They are charged with a theatricality that infuses us, the observers, with a sense of mood. Sometimes her creations are formed by exaggerating the unique character of the figure, or the sphere in which it is involved, sometimes by introducing a pinch of humor and irony.
Rinat has a talent and feeling for composition and color as well an outstanding ability for sketching. The computer, which has long been used as a legitimate tool in the creation of art, serves her in the course of her work and her adroitness in manipulating diverse programs is fully expressed in her work.
Rinat produces short animated movies, works as an illustrator, creates animations for computer and Internet games, has taught sketching and painting at academic art colleges and has illustrated books, newspapers and magazines.                                                                                                                                                                                   
Her metal sculptures constitute a part of a creative and vibrant trend in the western world forging a space that contains within it all the definitions of art and design. Cutting edge technology and the innovations required in accurate metal cutting and quality printing make it possible to expand the boundaries of this artistic medium and to develop it in many directions. And, indeed, it is possible today to see more and more works of this kind in many art galleries throughout Israel, the United States, Germany, Singapore, and other countries to which Joy-Art Gallery exports Rinat Laor’s work.
"I was born in 1985. My early years were spent on Kibbutz Metzer, after which I moved to Kibbutz Kinneret. My favorite artists are Egon Shilo, Picasso, Gustav Klimt and Gaudi. I draw most of my inspiration from people who are close to me, from my pets who provide me with endless amounts of fascinating visual material, and from interpreting the processes that I undergo in my personal life.
In my concepts of the way in which I create, I am influenced mainly by ancient Japanese art, in principle from the concept of an object having a minimalist shape.  Grabbing the moment, I try to create most of my work by observing living nature. It is important to me to capture a particular moment in which a person is engrossed, an animal in a specific pose, an expression in real time.  For the most part I prefer to draw things that exist in my own environment, and not from inanimate references, for example.
There is truth and a certain energy contained in an attempt to capture an event as it is taking place, working from the instant it is being drawn, in an unlimited time frame, in peace from the photograph. I love this challenge and the speed I was forced to develop in order to succeed in drawing and painting in this way."