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Jerusalem Hamsa  &  a Olive tree bookend
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Jerusalem Hamsa  &  a Olive tree bookend

Jerusalem Hamsa & a Olive tree bookend


Have we got news for you?

A set of our beautiful Jerusalem Hamsa + the colorful Olive tree bookend, at only $195 + a free shipping !.

Jerusalem Hamsa -

The ancient and beautiful city of Jerusalem, capital of Israel, receives in this Jerusalem Hamsa a modern, colorful interpretation. Buildings are born anew, painted in the vibrant colors of life, while a small bird conducts from above.

Olive tree bookend - 

This Bookend is inspired by the olive tree, the 6,000-year-old ancient tree, which originated in the Middle East, where it has been grown in plantations, used as food and in oil production.
So vast is its contribution, it has even been used in medicine.
A colorful tree made of metal and imprinted – the olive tree bookend is full of life, seen here in all its glory, green, brown, massive tones of nature in harmony with light touches of pink.


Jerusalem Hamsa Details:

Laser cut metal & print

24 x 17 cm , 9.6 x 6.8 "

Olive tree bookend:

Laser cut metal & print.

17cm x 15cm , 6.8 x 6"