Doctor Bookend - artistic bookend for Doctor's office - joyart gallery
Decorative metal bookend for Doctor's office

Doctor Bookend


Bookends are one of our oldest products, which we have been creating for years, every time changing their form. Basically, they are designed to solve the technical problem of stopping books from falling off the shelf, used as a barrier to support the books. However, this product has evolved from a mere technical solution into a real work of art. Trees, figures from the sports world, greetings, or just groupings of letters, they are all integrated here.
Here is Joy Art Gallery’s current series of bookends. Use them and enjoy them.

A doctor with stethoscope in hand, striking a characteristic pose, needing a moment of silence to listen to a patient’s heartbeat and breathing. What is the diagnosis? An instant in time documented with true artistic virtuosity.


Laser cut metal & print