The Colored Soil - oil art painting
The Colored Soil - oil on canvas
The Colored Soil - oil landscape painting

The Colored Soil


Who can spot the small people in the painting? Olivier amuses us in the painting with small splotches of color that at first seem like spills of paint, yet looking closely we immediately discern that he simply knows how to paint tiny figures, with head, body, legs and colorful clothing. The play of splotches and figures is a part of the artistic experience of this skillful painting. What joy in gazing at a painting in which with each glance, new elements are revealed. So engaging, never boring, to hang a “dynamic” painting on the wall. The figures here are positioned in a colorful forest through which a river flows and the water is alive, alongside it black trees, and it all seems as if taken from some enchanted tale…

Oil on Canvas

61 x 115 cm , 24.4 X 46"