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Medium Fish Wall Art 22 - metal wall sculpture joyart gallery - 2

Medium Fish Wall Art 22


Nature best expresses itself in visions of sea, land and air.  Butterflies, fish, and birds - tiny and exquisite – carrying a message of optimism and beauty, are also possible within the home, on the wall, gently scattered or gathered together.  Which expresses you?          

The flowing movement of silent, colorful and serene fish, the gentleness and the bounty of nature embodied in these small creatures, bringing calm and beauty into our lives.   The circular form of the sculpture creates flow and harmony.  The fish swim together in one direction without pause.  And that one playful fish below, who dares to swim against the stream, perhaps knows something we don’t.   This fish wall sculpture treats us to a small, focused glimpse of that beauty. Who could decline?

Fish Wall Art details:

Laser cut Metal & Hand painted

Limited edition of 28 38x52 cm 15.2x21"