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Flower bouquet


You sit in your living room and watch TV at the end of another intensive work day.
Facing you is a colorful metal flower bouquet sculpture, silent and motionless, asking nothing, simply here to inspire happiness and fun.  
Creative artist Marina Zlochin has decided this time to make life simple and pleasing, with no effort, challenge or food for thought. Harmonious colors, each tone just right, the perfect size, just place the metal flower bouquet on the shelf and go.
Wait a minute, slow down.  That’s just the front.  The back returns us to the source.  Blue stems?  Blue water?  Something here has gone awry.
When beauty seems perfect and self-evident, just turn the flower bouquet sculpture around to the other side and begin to think, to make an effort to discover just what it tells us.

Flower Bouquet Details:

Laser cut Metal &
Print (front & back)