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The camel is known as the ship of the desert, living in conditions of shortage and hardship, hoarding and surviving.  When it finds abundance it consumes and stores for long hard days.
Thus, even with difficulties of survival the camel walks strong, solid, stable, and tall.   A true model for emulation.

In this work, Olivia has embraced this remarkable animal and has given it two different color designs, and even a dedication on the sculpture base, describing his feelings when creating it.
This desert camel is the orderly camel, clear and logical.  There is order within the mess.  Each color has its place. The order emphasizes beautifully the contour lines of the metal and flows with it, not against it.

We observe, we understand, we love.

Laser cut Metal &
Print (front & back)
23 x 27cm
9.2x 10.8 "