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Carmel Mountain 2010 - oil painting by Olivier Cohen - joyart gallery - 2
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Carmel Mountain 2010


Fire, blackness, soot and sadness, these are the dominant elements in this impressive painting by Olivier. This is not the ultimate creation of a talented landscape artist such as Olivier, who amazes us by conveying with his brush the colorful idyll of nature. This is a painting expressing the depth of emotion and sorrow, which each of us experiences in our less optimistic days. Only a talented artist is able to both depict and fascinate the viewer through the use of a limited range of colors which are not at all joyful.
This painting was dedicated by Olivier, a seeker of nature and the wonders of creation, to the great fire that devastated Israel in 2010 on Mount Carmel, that engulfed in its path both trees and human life.

Oil on Canvas, Hand Painted

100x150cm , 40x60"