Abundance - metal art painting - joyart gallery - 1
Abundance - acrylic painting on metal - joyart gallery - 2
Abundance - 3D metal art painting - joyart gallery - 3
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Abundance - metal painting - joyart gallery - 5
Abundance - metal painting - joyart gallery - 6



Fish, Jerusalem, paths, shapes, brown houses, and just about everything else. When Olivier is in a whimsical mood, both mentally and emotionally, it immediately travels to the canvas. But wait, this isn’t a canvas, it’s a sheet of metal. Rigid metal, that doesn’t absorb paint, does not compromise, and is not friendly. Olivier is not intimidated, clearly. On the contrary, challenges, changes and cleverness are made just for him, and for you, so that you are never bored. What we have here is….well, actually, what don’t we have. This is abundance, this is joy, this is prosperity. These are the colors of life, of happiness, of the love of Jews for Jerusalem, and the fun of having everything in one painting that lifts the spirit. Enjoy.

Acrylic on metal, Hand painted
Gold Aluminum frame

 94x114 cm ,  37.6x 45.6"