Olivier Cohen

Olivier Cohen was born in 1968 in Paris, France. Today, he lives in Israel and France.

‘‘He has been described as tracking down color, playing cat-like with it, developing and drawing it to infinity like a musical score. His paintings rouse emotions by which, beyond the traditional concept of beauty, one is drawn into an elsewhere. At the core there is a post-impressionist influence from which he breaks loose with impetuosity due to his youth, yet while maintaining a true spiritual maturity. He invents his own style having achieved a mastery of execution. He is inspired by sites and images discovered in his travels. In his retrospective he brings to life landscapes, seascapes, faces and flowers, each work born as an adventure. Beginning with an image in his mind, the artist meets his dreams head on, with no artifice or deviation, frenziedly filling the canvas with reflections of mere fragments of memory.‘‘
 By Marcel Mevorah

Olivier Cohen Expositions

2006 - 2014 Joy Art Gallery, Ra‘anana, Israel
2005 Ra‘anana Art &Music Cultural Center
2005 Joy Art Gallery, Ra‘anana, Israel
2004 Alternativ Gallery, Jaffa, Israel 
2004 Arta Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel
2000 Salon Des Artistes Indépendants, Paris, France
2000 Mairie du 15e, Paris, France
2000 La Poste, Paris, France
2000 Press Club, Paris, France
2000 Maison de la Radio
Association Charles Bassompierre Peintres du Spectacle sous le haut patronage du Ministère de la Culture et de la communication.
2000 Sénat, Salle de l’Orangerie du Jardin du Luxembourg
1999 Galerie Herouét, Paris, France
1999 Galerie Médicis, Paris, France