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The Saxophonist


The Saxophonist Sculpture 

Jazz players

There is nothing like the vibe produced by the jazzband. The saxophonist, the bassist, the singer and the pianist. How impressive are their moves, their notes, their sounds and the total image of the bandof professionals, enjoying every moment. A groupthat lives the moments of complex, buzzy, rich and infinite sound.
The heavy, awkward bass, the one that with a single note seems to revive all the others, all the musicians, the twisting saxophone, penetrating the listeners’ mind as if breathing new life into their ears.

The singer who always adds musical mischief withher rich and complex voice, cutting off the quiet and perhaps even the boredom, and opening a new musical era.

And the pianist? No need for words. He seems to be able to produce jazz music almost by himself. The richness of sounds and rhythms that the skilled jazz player can produce is endless. These are justthe beginning.

It is evident that the artist in these sculptures has captured the moment in a wise and precise way. Even one single sculpture, of only one musician, can convey this message of this buzzy melody!
The whole band? That’s another story.

Laser cut metal & hand painted

Limited edition

56 x 28 cm, 22.4 x 11.2 "