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Floral Hamsa


This colorful, exhilarating Floral Hamsa is modern, rich and welcoming, broadcasting festivity and beauty. It is suitable for any celebration or noteworthy event. Of course, our homes also deserve small, joyful art such as this, settled on a shelf or table and bestowing blessings on its surroundings.

The variation of the Floral Hamsa in shades of pink can be appropriate for adolescents taking their first steps into the world of art. A joyful and colorful gift that will please the recipient.

The rendition, in shades of blue, is appropriate even as a gift for a man, which can occasionally seem like mission impossible. In an office, or waiting room, or just by the bed, radiating a colorful good mood.

Floral Hamsa Technical Details:

Laser cut metal & Print

29 x 20 cm, 11.6x 8x 3.6"